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ABBA Eagle
Исполнитель: ABBA
Автор: Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus
Метки: Диско, Поп
Язык: Английский
Основной список: Да




« They came flyin' from faraway
Now I'm under their spell
I love hearing the stories
That they tell
They've seen places
Beyond my land
And they've found
New horizons
They speak strangely
But I understand
And I dream i'm an eagle
And I dream I can spread
My wings

Fly'in high, high
I'm a bird in the sky
I'm an eagle that
Rides on the breeze
High, high
What a feeling to fly
Over mountains and forests
And seas
And to go anywhere
That I please

As all good friends
We talk all night
And we fly wing to wing
I have questions
And they know everything
There's no limit to
What I feel
We climb higher and higher
Am I dreamin' or
Is it all real
Is it true I'm an eagle

Is it true I can spread
My wings

Flyin' high high…

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