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You And I

  Исполнитель: Queen
Автор: John Deacon
Метки: Рок
Язык: Английский
Основной список: Да




« Music is playing in the darkness
And a lantern goes swinging by
Shadows flickering my heart's jittering
Just you and I
Not tonight come tomorrow
When ev'rything's sunny and bright (sunny and bright)
No no no come tomorrow 'cause then
We'll be waiting for moonlight

We'll go walking in the moonlight
Walking in the moonlight
Laughter ringing in the darkness
People drinking for days gone by
Time don't mean a thing
When you're by my side
Please stay awhile

You know I never could forsee the future years
You know I never could see
Where life was leading me
But will we be together forever?
What will be my love?
Can't you see that I just don't know

No not tonight not tomorrow
Ev'rything's gonna be alright (sunny and bright)
Wait and see if tomorrow we'll be
As happy as we're feeling tonight
We'll go walking in the moonlight (we'll be happy)
Walking in the moonlight

I can hear the music in the darkness
Floating softly to where we lie
No more questions now
Let's enjoy tonight
(Just you and I) just you and I
Just you and I
Can't you see that we've gotta be together
Be together just you and I just you and I
No more questions just you and I

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