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Mother Love

  Исполнитель: Queen
Автор: Brian May, Mercury
Метки: Рок
Язык: Английский
Основной список: Да




« I don't want to sleep with you
I don't need the passion too
I don't want a stormy affair
To make me feel my life is heading somewhere
All I want is the comfort and care
Just to know that my woman gives me sweet -
Mother love

I've walked too long in this lonely lane
I've had enough of this same old game
I'm a man of the world and they say I'm strong
But my heart is heavy and my hope is gone

Out in the city, in the cold world outside
I don't want pity, just safe place to hide
Mama please, let me back inside

I don't want to make no waves
But you can give me all the love that I crave
I can't take if you see me cry
I long for peace before I die
All I want to know that you're there
You're gonna give me all your sweet -
Mother love

My body's aching, but I can't sleep
My dreams are all the company I keep
Got such a feeling as the sun goes down
I'm coming home to my sweet -
Mother love

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